About lynks

lynks is on a mission to enabling businesses growing in and with eCommerce data. We provide one API enabling your teams to focus on your core operations rather than building and maintaining custom integrations with different eCommerce, accounting and ERP systems.

We are a small hybrid team based in Zurich 🇨🇭 and Indore 🇮🇳. Over the last years we have built custom integrations with leading eCommmerce, ERP and accounting systems ourselves. Building on our experience, we believe that these integrations should be accessible to a wider audience. As such we have built our lynks OneAPI to enable others to build on our foundations.

How to use the Docs

The lynks Docs are meant to be used to describe our webapp called CMS and our OneAPI and its features in detail. The Docs are split in to two main parts:

  • The Guides section will explain our products and its functionality in detail
  • The API Reference section is the technical documentation on how to use our OneAPI

Please use the docs as a guidance on what you can do with our products and how to use our features to optimise your business. Since the docs are a living document and we might have missed one or the other part, feel free to reach out to us at any time. ysWe are very open for feedback and suggestion.